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About Us

Dongtan HQ and R&D Center.

Core Values and Mission

Innovative mindset that confronts challenges for the future of global wellness

Open communication for mutually beneficial network with various stakeholders

Encouraging creativity and teamwork for autonomous workflow

Strong work ethic that guarantees integrity, dedication and professionalism

Introducing Daewoong Therapeutics's
 corporate growth roadmap


Frontier Expansion

Jan.Three transfer agreements for Clopam® DMAP pipeline products
Apr.First GMP-certified facility for clinical-stage Clopam® DMAP IP
May.Phase 3 IND approval for supergeneric product under joint development
Aug.Patent filing for cosmetic microneedle particle production technology
Sep.Launch of first Clopam® DMAP cosmetic product / Phase 1 IND approval for DWRX2008


Quantum Jump

Jan.Transfer agreement for DWRX5004 as palmar hyperhidrosis treatment / relocation to Dongtan R&D HQ
Apr.R&D grant program for DWRX2008 as intractable posterior eye disease treatment
Nov.First transferred product hits 4M USD in annual sales in debut year


Blueprint and Ideation

Mar.Transfer agreement for NCE-based nanomicelle eyedrop
Apr.R&D grant program for DWRX2003 as aortic valve stenosis treatment
MayJoint R&D agreement for AI-based small molecule drug discovery
Aug.First transfer agreement of Clopam® DMAP for cosmetics
Sep.R&D grant program for DWRX2003 as severe dengue treatment


Laying the Groundwork

Mar.PCT application for Clopam® / second supergeneric transfer agreement
Apr.R&D grant program for DWRX5001 as hGH deficiency treatment
May.Joint R&D agreement for development of DWRX2003 as COVID-19 treatment
Sep.First-in-human trial with DWRX2003


First Day of Our Journey

Feb.Establishment of Daewoong Therapeutics Co., Ltd.
Mar.Patent application for Clopam® DMAP platform technology
Apr.Certified as in-house research institute
Sep.Certified as venture company
Dec.First supergeneric transfer agreement

Structural Organization.