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Introducing Our Microneedle Technology

1. What is DMAP?

Dissolving Microneedle Array Patches (DMAP) represent a cutting-edge development in the realm of transdermal drug delivery. Merging the ease of transdermal patches with the efficacy of injectable therapies, DMAPs offer a painless, self-administrable solution for an injection-free future. Central to their design is a matrix of soluble microneedles, made of biodegradable polymers, containing a drug payload. These microneedles penetrate the skin's outer layer, the stratum corneum, to deliver drugs directly into the dermal layers. DMAP technology is emerging as an ideal method to administer high molecular weight drugs and biological agents including vaccines and peptides that are traditionally limited to injectable routes.

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2. Why do we need DMAP? 

The need for DMAP arises from the quest to improve patient compliance, minimize pain and fear associated with needles, and enhance the efficiency of drug delivery. Traditional methods often fall short in these areas, particularly for individuals with needle phobia or those who experience pain with injections. Additionally, DMAPs address logistical challenges, such as cold-chain dependencies for many biopharmaceuticals’ storage and transportation, by offering a stable room-temperature solution. This advancement is crucial for making life-saving medications more accessible, especially in resource-limited settings suffering from supply gaps.

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3. Clopam® - Elevating DMAP to New Heights for Pharmaceutical Use

Clopam® (Closed-Packed Aeropressured Microneedle) technology marks a significant advancement in DMAP (Drug Microneedle Array Patch) technology, excelling in cosmetic, over-the-counter (OTC), and especially prescription applications due to its superior product preservation. Central to its innovation are three critical features.

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Partner with Us

We are actively recruiting partners with investigative and marketed ingredients for strategic development of pharmaceutical microneedle products

Patient-friendly product for better compliance

Room-temperature storage for biopharmaceutical agents

Extension of drug patent life

Increased market share and revenue