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Source: SCIENCE 15 Nov 2013 Vol 342, Issue 6160 pp. 809-811

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Synthetic Lethality is a phenomenon in which the occurrence of a single genetic event is tolerable for cell survival but co-occurrence of two or more events results in cell death. The human DNA is programmed to repair both naturally occurring and externally induced damages whose mechanism is tightly regulated. Understanding context-dependent function of synthetic lethality allows therapeutic targeting in cancer and clinical transition of novel drug combinations as well as biomarkers. Daewoong Therapeutics is currently developing DWRX6007 as a novel SL drug which is planned to enter preclinical studies in 2023.

In the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, we are dedicated to developing first-in-class small molecule drugs, with a strong focus on oncology, ophthalmology, and metabolic diseases. Our notable project in the metabolic disease sphere targets an alternative to GLP-1, aiming to address the growing prevalence of diabetes in the aging population. This endeavor reflects our commitment to creating less burdensome, orally administered treatment regimens, enhancing patient convenience and adherence.

Our research extends beyond traditional areas, as we actively explore the emerging fields of aesthetics, anti-aging, and longevity. These efforts represent our continuous pursuit of cutting-edge solutions and our dedication to addressing the evolving healthcare needs of diverse populations.