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As the global population ages, there's a noticeable increase in patients suffering from posterior eye diseases. Unfortunately, the mainstay of current treatments, which involves intravitreal injections, faces issues such as low patient compliance and varying effectiveness.

Moreover, conventional eye drops and oral medications are not as effective due to the internal barriers of the eye, which prevent efficient drug delivery to its posterior sections. Another drawback of traditional eye drops is their rapid elimination by the anterior lacrimal drainage system of the eye. 

This is where our innovative nano-emulsion eye drop technology comes into play, with our leading product DWRX2008 showing great promise. This technology utilizes nanomicelles, distinguished by their unique electrochemical characteristics and structural flexibility. These features enhance the drug's retention in the eye and facilitate its transfer across the eye's surface via the trans-conjunctival route, ensuring a more effective and prolonged release. Specifically targeting diabetic eye conditions, DWRX2008 is currently undergoing Phase 1 clinical trials.

In addition to this pioneering eye drop formulation, we are developing sustained-release ocular rod implants. These implants are designed to safely and continuously release medication for over six months after a single insertion. This innovation aims to extend the dosing intervals for both existing and new treatments, marking a significant step forward in ocular drug delivery systems.