Exploring the frontier of pharmaceutical innovation

Daewoong Therapeutics R&D

Research & Development

Introducing Our Business Model

We research and develop personalized medicine in areas of oncology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, metabolic diseases, dermatology, and veterinary medicines using novel delivery technologies such to improve the quality of life for humans and animals. Our liquid assets and recurring royalty payments from technology transfers allow a stable circulation of R&D work.

New Drug

Precision medicine

Targeted Protein Degradation (PROTAC)

Synthetic Lethality

Latest modality and biomarker-based development

Drug Delivery Systems 

Implementation of proprietary pipeline and DDS + new drug re-creation strategy using advanced drug delivery system platform technology


  • Dissolving polymeric microneedle for transdermal delivery
  • Botox, GLP-1 analogue, growth hormone, etc.

Nanocarrier Eyedrop Solution

  • Ophthalmic drug delivery to the mid and posterior eye

Hyperconcentrated Spot-On Formulation

  • Transdermal dosage form for veterinary drugs

Ocular and Injectable Sustained-Release Implants

  • Long-term drug release for ≥6 months 

Supergenerics/505(b)(2) and CDO Services

High market demand-based product development 

Financial stabilization via short-term technological fees and long-term royalty payments

Consignment and joint research with domestic partners

Technology transfer of incrementally modified drug(IMD) products

Veterinary Medicines

Open collaboration in product development and manufacturing processes

Application of advanced delivery technologies to optimize medication compliance

Various dosage forms including spot-on solutions, implants, and special feed